Strongest Evidence for the Afterlife, the Survival of Personal Consciousness, and the Spiritual Nature of Man.

Every science is usually based on a mathematical theory. For the paranormal voices, there is an objectively measurable component—the acoustic document—and a subjective spiritual component—the psyche of the transmitter and the receiver.  However, the paranormal voice phenomenon lacks any scientific or physical explanation or model. Therefore, anyone who wants to discover what it is or why it is so can proceed only through personal experimentation. Any research in this direction is “de facto” an experimental trial. Only then can this New Territory, while still scientifically not approved and even frowned upon, be gradually explored.

H.O. Koenig’s 40-years-long research does have results. They are simply magnificent and thrilling, but difficult to accept through any human reason.

They require transcending the limits of the known physical rules, abandoning completely traditional reasoning, and being opened up to something new, in uncharted territory, that gives you more questions than answers. So you make room for new thought patterns, accepting the existence and the reality of the Unknown world, in this case the appearance of acoustic documentation containing voices, affirming themselves that they are coming from the  dead.

Maybe one day new scientific paradigms can be constructed in which mind and consciousness will figure prominently, because these are precisely the two components that are disproving today’s materialistically-oriented mentality. How do you measure consciousness in length, height, or size? What is consciousness and what is spirit? These elusive concepts were always excluded from science because the concepts undermine the basic premises of scientific measurements and procedures. In addition, the Paranormal Voices Phenomenon borders on several branches of research and is contrary to so-called serious scientific research in physics, ethics, and the humanities, such as psychology. What scientific criteria should define Love, the intensity of Love, Affinity, Openness? They are, however, some of the basic components required to connect with the various spiritual levels. The significance of these words will unfold, however, only if one starts to experience new knowledge and is willing to pass the narrow gate of his own experiments.

The countless experiments, the thousands of objectively existing, demonstrable paranormal voices and, last but not least, the various new technical systems developed by Mr. Koenig, all point to the fact that our personal consciousness survives death and goes far beyond the brain. Our brain does not produce consciousness, but reduces it. It works as a sort of reduction-filter of spirit, whereby the spirit is seen as something universal that the brain can access.

“The fundamental substance of all that exists is spirit. When we become aware of being entirely spiritual entities whose form of expression is our physical body, we can consciously reverse all restrictions of physical laws and belief systems.“


Everything is connected to everything. In trying to move forward with finding an explanation for these phenomena, today’s science still believes them to be unexplainable and therefore non-existent, we do have to rely on empirical values. However, nowadays, we are able to analyze and understand everything with acoustic measurement technique instruments (such as the oscillogram). As we are confronted with completely new forms of appearances, it would be wrong to set limits on our own world of thoughts. Instead of asserting that something is impossible, today one should include it as possibility. From the point of view of a physicist, Physics states that it is indeed impossible that Trans entities from other life-realms are communicating with us, but from the Reality, it is a fact.

How come?


TransCommunication consists of pure information not from energy sources as we know them from our physical belief system. This information goes far beyond what we can experience with our five senses.

The space-time continuum of the 3rd and 4th dimensions is transgressed. The 4th dimension, time, being a fixed constant, is proven to be an illusion.

Mr. Koenig’s experience shows that we have to include a 5th and a 6th dimension.  In these dimensions, it is all about information from entities now living at those levels, after having left three-dimensionality and having acquired different experiences and values. So the information must be transformed back to the 3rd dimension, for us to perceive it.

How can I make this re-transformation technically possible? How does this process work? How and what kind of system must I develop to communicate with these, for us, invisible Worlds over a longer distance? These were, among others, Mr. Koenig’s questions during his fundamental research. Developing a radio is very easy for anyone who is an electronic technician. But to construct a new technology to communicate with a partner when his frequencies are unknown is quite a different task and appears to be nearly impossible

The freelancing researcher H.O. Koenig was able to do so by an enormous work in his laboratory where  he continuously and systematically studied this “scientific anomaly.” Thanks to his experience, technical knowledge, and newfound scientific research, Koenig began developing new techniques that might seem impossible according to the current physical thinking. However, they do exist and they do work, drawing on a logical foundation. The researcher says:


“This life and the Afterlife are not really separated. They are interwoven, although having different material values. The afterlife is not somewhere up there. It is here. But we can sense this habitat only rarely and not experience it with our five senses. Therefore for most people it doesn’t exist. However, today it should be very easy to go beyond our 5-Sensory-World. Man is taking for granted that vibrations and frequencies can penetrate every house, every wall, every object without smelling them, seeing them, hearing them, or tasting them. That’s the same way spirit entities can communicate with each other. Whether they still have a physical body or not is of no matter. All is one. Seeing this reality, modern science is primitive and infantile, setting limits that should be urgently expanded. There are parallel worlds in continuous interaction with our three-dimensional world where our personal consciousness continues to exist. This is communicable when we do offer him the right information carrier.”